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Bubbles or Not

So, you’ve found your passion.  What started as a curiosity has bloomed into unabashed enthusiasm. Perhaps it’s time to consider becoming a PADI professional. Whether it’s the desire to travel, share the adventure of the world beneath the waves with others, or simply for the personal challenge, going pro checks all the boxes.

As you navigate the path to becoming a professional, you will meet fellow adventurers and conservationists impassioned by their experiences in the underwater world. You will have the chance to work with and learn from experienced PADI instructors who can help you reach your goals.  With over 6,500 PADI dive shops issuing over a million certifications each year, you will find job opportunities all over the world. Perhaps one day, you may own a PADI dive shop.

How to Become a Divemaster or Instructor

Your scuba career starts here. Divemaster is the first step on the professional ladder. Through workshops and practical exercises, you’ll level-up your scuba skills and learn how to supervise and organize diving activities. 

PADI Instructor

PADI Instructor

Becoming a Divemaster is a prerequisite to entering the PADI scuba Instructor or Assistant Instructor program. Contact us to speak with one of our instructors.